Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Desperately Seeking Soycream

Earlier this week I went to Kensington Market at lunch to pick up some supplies and I decided to arm myself against the heat with some sort of frozen treat. Fingers crossed I headed to Hibuscus where I held out hope that they had ice cream cones so I could sample what Colleen has described as not only the best ice cream she has had but the most delicious thing she has ever eaten. Period. To my expectation and thus dissapointment, they didn't have cones so I would have had to stay in and I didn't have the time so head hung I headed to Essence of Life to search for a single serving soy treat.

After both winning and losing an internal debate over whether I should just get an entire box of Tofutti Cuties, I settled on the aptly branded So Delicious Vanilla and Almonds frozen treat on a stick.

I normally don't enjoy hard chocolate coatings but this was quite good and the almonds were a very nice addition. I was also impressed by it's low melting speed - one of my main complaints with many frozen soy deserts is their too fast melting.

How nice would it be if regular convienience stores carried these so cravings could be satisfied outside of the vegan holy land? Perhaps a petition will convince Hibiscus to carry cones? I do plan on bringing my own cone next week and seeing if they will fill it for me. Alternatively, Lisa should keep a fresh batch of Renee Loux Unerkoffler's Perfect Chocolate Mousse on hand ready
for delivery straight to my belly via the mouth train.


  1. Ah, when I was at Hibiscus you could get the ice cream to go in a cup...

  2. DOH! Je Suis un imebecile! Harumph.