Saturday, November 21, 2009

A bend in the road

Friends, it's been a long time since I posted here and since I've been in the Resource Centre (or podcasted) with any regularity. Having bought a business with my husband I found that I really needed my Saturdays in order to maintain any kind of balance in my life - for with "working" in the RC those days and working every other day of the week in my shop, I was starting to lose my mind a little.

I'm still acting as a pinch-hitter for the Saturday RC crew and will be there on both Dec 5 and Dec 12. I do hope I'll get to meet some of you on Dec 12, which is when this year's annual Holiday Open House is happening. Drop by for some great conversation, cookies, and gift ideas for the veg-convinced and veg-sympathetic loved ones in your life.

You can also talk to us about finding ways of getting involved in TVA. TVA has lots of volunteer opportunities - even possibly helping out at the RC on Saturdays and podcasting with John and Liam! We will all be really happy to talk to you about ways you can help TVA meet its goals, about what sorts of roles are available, and the great satisfaction we've all gotten out of spending time with TVA's amazing cast of contributors.

Speaking of which, my own volunteering role within TVA has recently changed quite considerably. Having had to step away almost completely from my Saturdays at the RC, after a suitable break I felt like I needed to find something to fill the gap; helping to make the world more veg-friendly is really important to me. I decided to run for the Board of Directors and this past Thursday, I was honoured to win enough votes at the Annual General Meeting to allow that to happen. I'm really looking forward to helping TVA realize its plans for 2010 which, as the final year of its current 3-year strategic plan, will focus on compassion for animals.

So, be sure to drop by 17 Baldwin St. on Dec 12 (but of course, you're welcome before then too!) and see us. And afterwards, you can always have pie in a class downstairs at Vegetarian Haven if the cookies we provide don't make you sufficiently sugar-sick!

Here's a random photo of some TVA volunteers I found on that series of tubes known as the internet. Look at how happy they are! You could be that happy volunteering too.


  1. We will be at the open house for sure!

  2. Hi Colleen
    We are visting Toronto (from Ireland) in June for a conference. Can you recommend a few good vegan-friendly cafés and restaurants?
    We are staying in the Courtyard Marriott on Yonge St and will also be in York Uni a lot for teh conference.
    Thank you,
    Nuala (at The Hungry Vegan blog)

  3. Hi Nuala,

    Of course! I think the closest place to where you're staying would be Camros Organic Eatery, at 25 Hayden St. It's fantastic, but I think it may only be open during the week. (Vegan, Persian - perfection!)

    Also, there is Commensal at 655 Bay St. (corner of Elm) which is a pay by weight buffet. Not everything is vegan but everything is clearly flagged as either vegan or vegetarian.

    There are Magic Oven pizza restaurants all over the city. They have at least 3 vegan pizzas which are quite good.

    If you're willing to take a jaunt over to the Chinatown/Kensington area, there are a lot of great options there including Vegetarian Haven, which is an all-vegan bistro located right underneath the Toronto Vegetarian Association office (open to the public Wed evenings and Sat afternoons) - see the link below.

    The Toronto Vegetarian Association's veg directory is here:

    It's searchable by area. You'll have to check there for things around York U as I'm totally unfamiliar with that part of town. :)

  4. That is brilliant, Colleen. Much appreciated. We are always willing to travel for vegan food. :) THANK YOU!