Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vegan Baked Goods Take Over Panacea

I hope that all of you had the opportunity to stop by Panacea Eco Shop (588 Bloor st W) today to support the Cruelty-Free Collective's "Milkshake Madness and Vegan Bake Sale".

The people that I saw sampling the baked goods seemed very happy to be there!

Vegans all over the world seem to spending more time in their kitchens these days, in preparation for the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale June 20-28th.

The Toronto Vegetarian Association will be hosting their own Vegan Bakesale on June 20th in front of Vegetarian Haven from 12-2pm.

But, back to the baked goods:

Check out the spread: Moonpies, cupcakes, and cookies!

The volunteers were all smiles as they enticed the crowd with delicious milkshakes and decadent baked goods.
I arrived soon after the event began. I'm sure that this table was not this full for long.

The vegan milkshakes seemed to create joy in all who indulged.

I thought these cookies were adorable.

I'm definitely inspired to whip up something special for the event on June 20th. I love the idea of joining a world-wide bakesale to raise funds for charities involved in promoting vegetarianism and to spread the word that veganism is about celebrating cruelty-free choices.

If you want to participate in the June 20th bakesale send us an email at


  1. Delicious!! - can't wait for the TVA bake sale, woohoo!!

  2. Marika,
    Will you be joining us?