Monday, April 6, 2009

Allow myself to introduce...myself (Colleen)

Our fearless leader, Lisa, has suggested that everyone associated with this blog and the TVA resource centre do a bloggy introduction of ourselves (including photo) and our favourite RC resource and so here I am.

I volunteer at the resource centre on Saturday afternoons, helping out people who either call or come in to check out our store, our library, or just to chat. I'm also one of the co-hosts of the Toronto Vegetarian Podcast, which you'd better be listening to or I'll send John after you.

As for my favorite resource, I think it would have to be TVA's vegetarian directory. Toronto is a vegetarian mecca with over 50 veg restaurants and I think that's worth celebrating - especially because so many recognize the TVA discount card (which I use a lot).

You can pick up a veg directory at the Resource Centre, at many health food stores and restaurants around the city, or check out the online version here.

That, or Liam's beard. Both it and the veg directory are great resources.

And here's a photo of me, in case you're a TVP listener and want to put a face to the voice. I had botox done just for this glamour shot.


  1. You are fabulous!
    I would agree, the Veg Directory is an amazing resource.
    I actually keep a copy of it at work-just in case someone invites me out for lunch (which I wish would happen more often).
    I recently dropped 150 Veg Directories off at the new Hyatt hotel because they called to say they ran out after sharing some many of them with their guests!

  2. Yeah, baby!Also, I love the fact that you've made John the official TVA hit man. I wonder who his first target will be (or was?)…