Monday, April 13, 2009

Enter John Stage Left

Hello, I’m John.

Like Lisa and Colleen, I’m a Resource Centre volunteer. I guess I’m the senior statesman of the group and that means I’ve got the most seniority – I’ll get a fancy gold watch when I retire.

I went vegetarian “cold turkey” in September of 1996 and vegan in May of 2000. It’s easy for me to remember these dates because a couple of my friends also share very similar vegetarian and vegan anniversaries. I view these dietary and lifestyle changes as some of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. My diet tends to be always evolving for the better – I’m eating almost entirely whole foods and since my purchase of a juicer a couple of months ago I’ve been drinking a lot more green juice. It has a powerful psychologically component…after drinking green juice I feel amazing and strong enough to be able to beat up Muhammad Ali in his prime (not that I would do that). Maybe I just watched too many Popeye cartoons when I was a kid.

I also take my running pretty seriously. I find that my diet gives me some great fuel…it also gives me the power to levitate (as demonstrated in the below picture).

The best resource at the Resource Centre in my opinion is the people. You want to know how to make a vegan cheese fondue? Ask Lisa, she has 15 different recipes. You want to buy cosmetics that are eco and vegetarian friendly? Ask Angeline, she’ll even point you towards brushes that don’t have horse hair for bristles. You want to know where to find vegetarian restaurants in Prague? Ask Colleen, she knows her vegetarian restaurants from Toronto to Seoul.

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