Monday, April 6, 2009

I am the Eggman...coo coo cachu...wait, no, I don't eat eggs and I'm a lady (Lisa).

Hello out there! I'm continuing the RC crew introduction posts, thanks for getting the ball rolling Colleen.

My name is Lisa and I have been volunteering at the Resource Centre for just over a year. I love when people stop by looking for new resources, recipe ideas or restaurant recommendations. I also look forward to reviewing the interesting spam we get in our inbox, while I respond to our legitimate email questions on Wednesday evenings. Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?
Last year, along with a number of the other RC volunteers I got to host the First Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-off to celebrate World Vegetarian Day. I had a lot of fun hanging out in a park downtown Toronto admiring the culinary creativity of all the entries. Lately, ideas for this year event have been keeping me up at night-I'm pretty excited.

Toronto Vegetarian Association members probably know me best for the cookbook reviews I write for Lifelines. I have a very strong affection for cookbooks. My cookbook collection was the second box I unpacked when I moved across the country (clean clothing came first). So, you shouldn't be surprised that my favourite resource at the resource centre is a book.
Becoming Vegan by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis is a comprehensive nutritional resource for anyone who wants to be healthy on a plant-based diet. I use this resource often in helping to answer questions from friends and family members about calcium, iron, protein, calorie density, essential fatty acids, etc. It is full of information about nutritional needs for different phases in a person's life (infants, toddlers, pregnancy, athletes, and more). I also love the liquid gold dressing recipe that fulfills a vegan's requirements for B12 in a very delicious way.
I am really looking forward to hearing Brenda Davis speak in person at this year's Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair.
You can find this resource and many, many more at the Resource Centre. I often find myself flipping through new cookbooks or borrowing a few of the extensive library offerings during a Wednesday shift at the RC. I like to buy cookbooks but I really enjoy borrowing topical books that I will probably only read once. I borrowed John Robbin's Healty at 100 last year. It was a fantastic read, and inspired me to refocus on the importance of creating supportive social networks in my own life.

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